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Q: What is VEN-UE?

A: VEN-UE is a virtual stage and box office for independent artists and their fans. We've created a hub to give indie artists a place to stream live shows any time from anywhere and let their fans buy tickets to their shows — whether live or previously recorded shows — since we record and store every Event streamed at VEN-UE.

This means artists can perform whenever they want and build up a good archive of recorded live streams. For fans, they can follow their favorites, but won't miss out on all the previous streams of the new artists they discover. Endless entertainment for fans and continuing revenue for artists.

Q: Who are VEN-UE Artists? Can anyone sign up to be one?

A: VEN-UE was designed specifically and expressly for independent artists who perform live. We did this to support indie artists by providing an easy to use virtual performance space and box office — and all indie performing artists are welcome. We do restrict Events to original content only, so no covers. Are you an indie artist? Go ahead, create a VEN-UE Artist account and try us out!

Are you a fan of independent performing artists? If you know indie artists who should perform here, please send them a link to our Sign Up page.


You can get more information about joining VEN-UE as an artist by checking out VEN-UE for Artists.

Q: How much does it cost to create an Artist account?

A: Nothing. Zero. Not now. Not ever.

Q: Can I make money as a VEN-UE artist?

A: Well, that's entirely up to you, isn't it?

If you never hold an Event, you will never make any money.

On the other hand, if you do stream events, you will make money — there are no free Events at VEN-UE. Why? Because indie artists already do way more than their share of free entertaining. We really don't need another way for indie artists to not make money. So if you perform at VEN-UE, you get paid. And the more you perform, the more you get paid! Shockingly simple.

Q: What does it mean to be a VEN-UE artist?

A: Where are you performing Friday night? What, no gig?

Come now, haven't you been listening? Right here you've got a venue that's open 24/7 to each and every indie artist and fan. Booking fees? Nope. Last minute okay? Yep. Say your old guitar teacher stops by one Sunday afternoon and you want your fans to meet him. Create an Event & go live. Ah, the fans rave!

But what about everyone who missed it? Send them to your archive for the VOD (video on demand). We record and store every Event in your archive so fans can watch each one as many times as they want--that is, as many times as they buy a ticket. Yes, you get paid for every VOD ticket too. Sweet.

Q: How do I create an Artist account?

A: Thought so! Create your Artist account here.


Q How much does it cost to create a fan account?

A: Nothing. The only thing you need money for is tickets. Not parking, not tolls, not plane fare, not bar or club markups. Actually, it saves you money to be a fan at VEN-UE. And time. And probably laundry money if you think about it.

Q: How do I create a fan account?

A: Simply head to our Create Fan Account and off you go.

Q: What does it mean to be a fan at VEN-UE?

A: This is a much bigger question than you might have thought. Indie artists are the heart of VEN-UE; so that makes fans the lifeblood. Think of a physical venue: fans streaming in and out, taking what they experience and sharing it as they travel their individual paths. Gives you a nice visual, right? But there's more.

When you decide to be a fan at VEN-UE, you're choosing to support independent performance artists. You're choosing to side with self-determination over the establishment. You're joining forces with other fans to create a network powerful enough to sustain an industry without trying to control it.

Becoming a fan at VEN-UE means you treasure independence. It means you trust your own taste and ability to make you own decisions. To determine what you like and don't like. What you want and don't want listen to. It means you will fight to shape your own identity and pay tribute to others willing to fight for the same.

It might also just mean that you moved and this is the only way to see your favorite band from your home town. So, really, it depends on the fan ;)!

Q: Are there benefits to signing up as a fan instead of just buying tickets as an unregistered user?

A: Technologically, your fan account tracks your Event and VOD history and gives you the ability to follow artists, share scheduled events and VODs with your ether-network-folk, and enter the contests we occasional have. It also means your User Name shows up (instead of "Incognito") when you follow Artists and buy tickets for Events and VODs.


Q: What is an Event?

A: Hmmmmmm. What isn't?

Q: Can I watch Events on smart phones and tablets?

A: Please do. On a plane or on a train .. .. know the story. VEN-UE streams to all devices and all browsers.

Q: I bought a ticket for an Event but cannot make it. Can I get a refund?

A: If it is more than 24 hours before the scheduled start time for the event, please Contact Us for a refund of your ticket price.
If it is under 24 hours before the scheduled start time, please accept our heartfelt apologies that we cannot provide a refund for the Event. You can, however, share your ticket with a friend, perhaps someone you'd like to introduce to the Artist in question?

Q: I logged on to VEN-UE for an Event I had bought a ticket for but there was no Event. What do I do?

A: Please give Artists a few minutes grace period after the scheduled start time. Please accept that some artists may interpret start times as estimates. Artists may encounter problems or face circumstances that delay an event from streaming at the scheduled time. If, after the grace period, the streaming hasn't begun and doesn't appear to be imminent, please Contact Us for a credit for another Event.

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