Classical ARTISTS

For the uninitiated, it may seem unlikely to find a classical genre when all music on VEN-UE is original. You see, the classical genre includes music from the Classical period (1750-1820), but it was an art form long before that and continues today. The term classical covers any "formal music," or highly structured music whose composers and performers are usually formally trained.

Interestingly, contemporary classical is one of the most experimental genres, encompassing everything from traditional symphonic compositions to the use of found sounds as instrumentation to massive multimedia extravaganzas. If you're looking for traditional-sounding classical, you'll find that here. But be adventurous and you may find familiar phrasing from unconventional instrumentation or strict classical form giving coherence to the seemingly incongruous.

For all the experimentation, though, there is one element integral to all classical music. Remember buying an album or CD (before the swing toward music sound bites)? Immersing yourself in the resonance of the artist's imagination? Classical is a holdout here, inviting you to take that plunge again. Make yourself comfortable and dive in!

Sorry, there are currently no active artists for this genre.

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