Location: Baltimore, MD

Born and raised in the Baltimore area, Lockemy has been writing and performing music in his city for 20 years. In the early years, his influences were among the likes of Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden.  But much like his own songwriting, his taste in music also began evolve, steering towards more synth artists like Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears, Seal and The Cure. He always was attracted to artists that were deeply emotional writers, relating to their emotions expression through their art forms. He spent time through high school playing in hard rock and grunge bands before finally going it solo in 2005. That’s when he released his first EP, ‘Standing Alone’ which was a combination of songs he wrote on his own and some he wrote with musical friends locally. It leaned towards the hard rock genre that expertly combines with both synth and acoustic elements.  Songs like ‘Feel Warm’ and ‘Away from the Sun’ were some of his first songs written solely by him on acoustic and show his deep emotional underpinning while still keeping the melodies bright and moving forward. Other tunes like ‘Unbehaved’ and ‘In One Place’ were songs he wrote in with his brother Chris and friend Sean in high school that really showcase his love for hard rock. This was his first crack at writing, producing and recoding his own album…and he was hooked. But with some person changes in his life with the birth of his son, he decided to put the guitar down and focus on family life. After 10 year, Lockemy decided it was time to get some new songs into the world which brought us 2016’s ‘Machine’, which cut straight to the industrial and synth backgrounds he so enjoyed. ‘Solace’ was Lockemy explaining how much he missed music and that it was the only thing that could bring him comfort. The song ‘The Fog’ was a deeply meaningful song that spoke to his battle with Mental Anxiety. He went straight back to work in the studio but this time was really moved by some great acoustic and Americana artists at that time namely “Beck” and “Lera Lynn”. So 2019 brought us two singles. The first was ‘Lost Star’ which is only acoustic, his vocals, and a grand piano. This song has a Merri-Go-Round motion built into the parts and lyrically moves to the deepest, painful parts of the soul. ‘Little Things’ also shows us his softer side in this classic lost love piece. July 2020 brought us his most recent EP, ‘Kingdoms’, which was heavily influenced by the indie rock genre.  Songs like ‘Fullness’ come straight at you with heavy riffs and his vocals jump right out of your speakers. This album brings back the more front-line guitars and booming drums, without compromising his softer vocal style. His inward and reflective writing style coupled with his soaring vocals, tends to harken an emotional response in everyone who listens to his music.  He brings 100% of his influences into his writing by perfectly blending different genres into each project – electronica, indie rock, and Americana, keeping you on the edge of your seat.


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