You're Just in Time for the Show

Take a seat and we'll go over the details with you.

Earn Money

Perform for fans & market yourself (at the same time)

Live Streaming From Anywhere to Anywhere, Any Time

Earn Money

VEN-UE is free for you.

The only time you ever pay us is if you buy a ticket for another Artist’s Event.

VEN-UE is a revenue stream for you.

It's time Artists talk openly about expecting to be paid. You are an artist with a skill people value. People are happy to pay for things they value. Each event you have, VEN-UE sells tickets to your fans. Events can be anything you want to share, performances, up-close & personal snapshots of your lives as Artists.

You know your fans. You set your price.

VEN-UE has set minimum ticket prices for events -- you are paid 70% of the minimum set price. You can charge an extra fee for any or all shows -- you know your fans and they know you're worth more than the minimum. You can charge an extra $1.00 up to a maximum ticket price of $9.99, that's entirely up to you. Sign up and schedule an event and you're on your way!

Perform for Fans & Market Yourself (at the same time)

You bring your fans to us; we bring our global fanbase to you.

Every event you hold gives your current fans the opportunity to support you. All "Live Now" and "Future Scheduled" Events appear on the VEN-UE home and relevant Genre pages, performing puts your name on the VEN-UE global marquee. If you can imagine your perfect venue, with fans and revenue that will last forever, you can create it here.

Visibility equals exposure to Fans who haven’t heard you yet

Performing & Promoting are the keys to maximizing your visibility to the VEN-UE Community. Fans may not go to a show just because they see it on the Genre page. However, if they are a Blues fan, and they see an artist on the Blue's Event Page that is consistently performing and have a ton of fans purchasing tickets to each event - new fans will make sure they check out your next show. If you're not scheduling performances and promoting to your fan base that you're a VEN-UE Artist you are wasting a tremendous opportunity.

Live Streaming From Anywhere to Anyone, Any Time

VEN-UE is your global virtual stage

You love playing for your fans, but you'd also like to expand the horizon you see from that stage. VEN-UE erases that back wall, erases the hassles of touring and booking, erases time and opens space. We give you the world. It's show time, start streaming!

VEN-UE goes with your style, whatever your style is

What does this VEN-UE look like? Aim your camera at your studio wall, face it out the window of your tour bus, turn it on your drummer backstage. . . You and VEN-UE, we match perfectly!


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