VEN-UE is an on-line virtual stage which allows artists the ability to perform live whenever and wherever they desire while creating a new revenue opportunity without all the hassles and costs of traditional performing.

VEN-UE was developed by professionals who understand the challenges indie artists face on a daily basis. VEN-UE gives artists control of their career by eliminating club owners, fighting for open dates and yes even travel.

For Indie Artists:

We provide an innovative solution to help musicians compete, differentiate and generate UNLIMITED revenue within an increasingly crowded online music environment. Unlike the typical live club model, artists can use VEN-UE as their primary performance vehicle to leverage their existing fan base as well as broaden their reach and exposure to a worldwide audience. VEN-UE eliminates most of the traditional costs for artists and gives ultimate flexibility as to when, where and how frequently they perform.

For Fans:

VEN-UE gives fans unprecedented access to discover new music and content, enjoy their favorite performers, as well as find new artists and entertainers worldwide that they would never see in their local markets. Fans have access to performances and the ability to view exclusive content during live events. VEN-UE fans have complete control of how they view artists during performances on their computer, mobile, TV, or iPad without spending a fortune on concert tickets or ever leaving the comfort of their home, office, or car.

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